Combining the world of literature with the awe-inspiring wildlife found in the Kruger National Park

We are thrilled to showcase our latest graphic design and conceptualisation project! Our team has come up with something truly unique and extraordinary for our client: a rocket-shaped bookshelf featuring the magnificent creatures of the Kruger National Park – Africa’s Big 5! 

This project was an absolute blast (pun intended)! The challenge was to combine the world of literature with the awe-inspiring wildlife found in the Kruger National Park. Creativity went into overdrive, and the end result is beyond our wildest imagination!

Picture this: a rocket-shaped bookshelf, carefully crafted to resemble a rocket ready to soar through the universe of books. But here’s the twist: Imagine proudly displaying your favourite books among the mighty lion, majestic elephant, regal leopard, towering rhino, and graceful buffalo. It’s like bringing the Kruger National Park right into your living room!

We had a blast designing every detail, ensuring that each animal is beautifully represented while maintaining the functionality of a bookshelf. The rocket’s body, was sublimated with vibrant earthy colours and patterns reminiscent of the African landscape, truly makes this one-of-a-kind piece pop in any home.

We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to work on such a fun and inspiring project! Special thanks to our client for trusting us with this incredible vision. Seeing our creations come to life is what drives our passion for design and conceptualisation!

So, if you’re ready to embark on a reading journey like no other, buckle up and ignite your imagination with our stunning rocket-shaped bookshelf.  It’s time to let your love for literature and wildlife collide in the most imaginative way!

Stay tuned for more exciting design projects and unique creations. Together, let’s continue to bring joy and artistry into the world!


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