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CreativCherry Studios is a family owned, graphic design and laser product manufacturing small business with love, kindness and family at its heart.

At the helm of CreativCherry Studios, Carol Viljoen uses her decades of graphic design experience to turn concept into beautiful reality. Ever evolving and developing new skills using the latest technology, she and her son Chris Viljoen use a CO2 laser cutter and engraver to transform their ideas into an artwork offering the public can enjoy.

They are not just in the business of making memorable art pieces though. Together, through their graphic design and creative arts portfolio, they have developed company logo’s, marketing material and branding concepts for companies across the country.

They perform strategic marketing implementation and brand activations where necessary, and design and produce quality professional reports for companies in both the public and private sector. Their artistic flair is evident in everything they do, and with a foundation of kindness, their work ethic and impact bring light to every place they go.

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